Oasis Dehumidifier Model D165 (D-165HG GST)

Oasis D165 (D-165HG GST)
Oasis D165 (D-165HG GST)
Item# Oasis-Dehunidifier-Model-D165-D-165HG-GST

Product Description

Oasis Dehumidifier Model D165 (D-165HG GST) - Technology at work since 1949. The rugged, durable Oasis dehumidifier removes 7.2 Gallons at 86 F, 80% Relative Humidity in a 24 hour period. Its sealed refrigeration system is frost-free, ensuring continuous, safe and hands-free operation. The unit plugs into standard electrical outlets, and provides simple mobility through concealed caster wheels. Better than most, this unit is built to last longer, perform better and provide consistent and dependable service. Unlike other brands, this unit proudly carries a limited 5 year warranty.

Use them to prevent moisture damage in basements, laundry rooms, and any other enclosed areas of your home. From the same manufacture that brought you the Oasis dehumidifier models DC-45, DC-75, 3800HD, and OD-3800HG

Extract maximum moisture from the air for a drier, healthier, more even- temperature environment. Long-lasting and extremely durable, OASIS dehumidifiers provide automatic, hassle-free, high-capacity moisture removal.

FEATURES Sealed Refrigeration Systems plug into standard electrical outlets Auto -Defrost System removes frost build-up on the evaporator coil in low ambient temperatures by shutting off the compressor and allowing the fan to run Automatic Humidistat Control for continuous maximum moisture removal Heavy-Duty Vinyl Coated Steel Cabinet protects from stains Side Pocket Handles for easy mobility Simplified water extraction with Hose-to-Drain Connection Automatic Shut-Off Float

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