Oasis D165HG

Oasis D165HG

Oasis D165HG
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Great for commercial and residential use—OASIS dehumidi ers are the most durable dehumidi ers on the market. Designed to safeguard people, places and goods from potentially damaging high-humidity conditions, these heavy-duty dehumidi ers extract maximum moisture from the air, providing a drier, healthier, more even-temperature environment.

Functional Design Stain resistant, grey-stone, vinyl-on steel laminate with ABS impact-resistant grille, facilitates free air ow Automatic Humidistat Control Dial-controlled, adjustable humidistat auto- matically turns unit on or o at pre-selected moisture levels Frost-Free System Frost prevention system enables operation in ambient temperatures as low as 43oF Continuous Moisture Removal Drip tray has threaded tting for garden hose to funnel into oor drain Low Pro le Casters Simple mobility with swivel and lock casters

FEATURES • Sealed Refrigeration Systems plug into standard electrical outlets • Frost-Free System prevents frost build-up on the evaporator coil in low ambient temperatures • Automatic Humidistat Control for continuous maximum moisture removal • Heavy-Duty Vinyl Coated Steel Cabinet protects from stains • Side Pocket Handles for easy mobility • Simpli ed water extraction with Hose-to-Drain Connection • Automatic Shut-O Float

Performance (gallons of water / 24 hours): *7.2 Gallons at 86° F, 80% Relative Humidity *4.4 Gallons at 82° F, 60% Relative Humidity *2.5 Gallons at 68° F, 60% Relative Humidity *2.1 Gallons at 50° F, 70% Relative Humidity

Serving all of: Alabama, Montgomery, Arizona, Phoenix, Arkansas, Little Rock, California, Sacramento, Colorado, Denver, Connecticut, Hartford, Delaware, Dover, Florida, Tallahassee, Georgia, Atlanta, Hawaii, Idaho, Boise, Illinois, Springfield, Indiana, Indianapolis, Iowa, Des Moines, Kansas, Kentucky, Frankfort, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Maine, Augusta, Maryland, Annapolis, Massachusetts, Boston, Michigan, Lansing, Minnesota, St. Paul, Mississippi, Jackson, Missouri, Jefferson City, Montana, Helena, Nebraska, Lincoln, Nevada, Carson City, New Hampshire, Concord, New Jersey, Trenton, New Mexico, Santa Fe, New York, Albany, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Dakota, Bismarck, Ohio, Columbus, Oklahoma, Oregon, Salem, Pennsylvania , Rhode Island, Providence, South Carolina, Columbia, South Dakota, Pierre, Tennessee, Nashville, Texas, Austin, Utah, Salt Lake City, Vermont, Montpelier, Virginia, Richmond, Washington, Olympia, West Virginia, Charleston, Wisconsin, Madison, Wyoming, Cheyenne.
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